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Announcement: New Public Test Server
« on: January 17, 2016, 09:21:51 PM »
Welcome everyone to the Intertainment Games Public Test Server!

This is your chance to check out Silent Space Rebellion and Crawlspace, the two browser-based games I have been developing for the last several years!

We are quite proud to put these out here, even in their uncompleted states.

For now, please report any bugs or errors you find here on the forums!

We do have a Teamspeak server setup, please PM one of the developers if you want to chat with us about the game! (We love questions!)

As for what is functional, most of SSR that is not combat is working. CS is waiting for a NodeJS server update and then it will be almost fully functional. Please focus on testing issues with the existing features in SSR (like outfitting your ship at the station and navigating the system maps) until we have an update about the status of Crawlspace! We know the chat is broken, it's the last thing Fuller was working on and fixing it is one of our top priorities!

If you could also provide some feedback about the registration system (We have a thread for that HERE, that would be very helpful!
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